Welcome to northsec! Yet another blog about cyber security!

About me

I am a 25 year old security consultant, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. I have been working with IT-security for about four years, during which time I have been focusing on penetration testing, vulnerability analysis and risk and threat management, primarily in the public sector. I have also been a teacher for a polytechnic college based in Gothenburg, which got me into thinking about starting a blog for writing down my thoughts about everything regarding cyber security.

This blog is supposed to include my thoughts and tests of new exploits and vulnerabilities, stuff I learn during assignments, and anything else I find interesting in the world of cyber security. I am also currently studying for the CISSP exam, so I will probably write about my studying period and subjects I find interesting during this time.

I am currently working on an analysis of honeypots in Amazon Web Services which hopefully will be published in the coming days (If I can get the blog finished!). Stay tuned, and enjoy!